How to import Prusa Slicer configurations ?

After the installation of Prusa Slicer, you need to launch once the software and then close it.

After that, some files are created in this folder :

Windows : C:\Users\VOTRE_UTILISATEUR\AppData\Roaming\PrusSlicer\

Note : the folder AppData is a hidden folder, so you need to have the right explorer parameters in order to display it.

After that, you need to copy/overwrite 3 folders in this folder, which are :

  • filament : for filament settings
  • print : for parameters of the prints
  • printer : for the settings of each printer

At the end of the copy, the folder should look like this :

Launch again the software and you should be good to see the new parameter sets in the dropdown boxes.

After that, launch again

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