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All In One Box for FT-817 / FT-818


When I want to go /P for portable operations away from QRA, I've the same issues each times.

I've got my FT818, but the battery pack doesn't last for hours, so I need to bring a battery pack with me.

Also, I do most of the time digimodes like JS8, PSK31… So for that I need too bring my RPI4, with my cables to connect to the soundcard and for the CAT control + a step down to power the RPI from my main 12V battery pack.

And then, you need to unplug everything each time, and replug then on field, so it's the sort of things that are quite time consuming and I think with lot of cycles/operations that can damage the connectors and can lead to issues for using the setup.

So the idea came to make a box that can contain everything for the rig, with everything connected and plugged to don't have to care about on field. Just need to take it out of your backpack and connect and antenna. You're free to go !

I've studied rugged HF man pack military radios to grab ideas on designs and usability.

The project is not to be the smallest and lightweight unit you can ever made, but it's designed to be effective, rugged, to protect well components inside and to be online immediately when unpacked.

All the connectors are integrated to the body of the box, to don't have them pointing outside, to prevent from damaging them during transport for example.

The FT-818 has got knobs and buttons well protected too. With the top plate, this case really ruggerizes the radio and you can grab and go without too much caution.

I've added an active cooling system to reduce heat generated by the RPI 4 if it becomes too hot.

On this project, I use my own digital interface I've made there.

The battery pack has been made at home with my DIY soldering unit and is 3S2P, so 12.6V and 6600mah for hours of fun !

Thanks to F4EED, I've checked the sizes of the FT-817 and they are the same with the FT-818, so this project is also suitable for the previous version FT-817 rig.

To conclude on this presentation, the box includes an accessory port, to attach new devices to it, like for example a whip antenna jaw to avoid stressing the BNC connector.


If you want to order, please go to the dedicated shop.

Assembly guides


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