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The Tobeca company was created in 2013 by Adrien Grelet, following the development of the Tobeca transportable 3D printer project, which will later become the Tobeca 2 for a customer base consisting mainly of individual clients and makers.

Progressively during its development, the company had requests to design and build large 3D printers. Laboratories and industry now account for over 90% of Tobeca’s sales. The developments mainly revolve around industrial and research projects.

At the end of 2019 Tobeca internalizes the service part by merging with Saymtech.

The Tobeca team

Key dates

2013 –  company creation following the transportable Tobeca 1 pre-orders

2014 – a new and improved version is born: the Tobeca 2

2015 – 500 Tobeca 2 sold in France

End of 2015 – 1st  Tobeca custom printer for the industry

2016 – development of the Tobeca COSMED printers’ line: for printing pasty substances (food, waxes, glues, silicones …)

2016 – development and finalisation of the industrial line  printers

End of 2016 – 1st Tobeca printer for printing living tissue installed in the laboratory of the University of Lyon (3D Fab Platform)

2017 – relocation to a new workshop, 600 m² extension, creation of a new space – a showroom, and increase in the production autonomy with the investment in a machine pool

2018 – first international sales, launch of an R & D partnership with the University of Michigan

2018 – Tobeca HT printer (for High Temperatures) allowing printing of technical materials (PEEK, PEKK, PPSU) with heating up to 500 ° C (nozzle) and 250 ° C (enclosure)

2019 –  development of the Tobeca Nucleus for printing soft materials (silicones, glues …) using pneumatic technology: higher layers precision / better control of the flow