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COSMED is a 3D printer for printing paste-like materials such as food, waxes, glues, silicones, etc. It is generally used in the agri-food, cosmetic or medical  fields.

The syringes can be standard (medical, cartridges) or custom made from 304L or 316L stainless steel.

The nozzles can be easily swapped and therefore it is possible to adapt the extrusion diameter. Syringes between 2mL and 200mL have already been made.

The extrusion mode can be by piston mechanical compression, or else by
compressed air, depending on the extrusion constraints of the material.

It is possible to design machines for integration in a clean room environment with air treatment system.


  • Simplicity: simple and robust design, easy maintenance
  • Supported materials: specific and experimental materials (bio-printing, agri-food, silicones …)
  • Accurate and fast: Precision X and Y : ± 50 μm
    Min layer thickness tested on the Z axis : 40 μm
    Print speed : 100 mm/s
  • Materials specificity: stainless steel 304L or 316L print bed, completely removable for cleaning and sterilization, foodgrade quality
Building volume:
from 30x30x30cm
From 1 to 4 heated syringes
Temperatures* :
Syringes 0°C to 150°C
Print bed 0°C to 150°C
Precision of layers: up to 40μm Print speed: up to 100mm/s

*Possible to cool down the elements below the ambient temperature.