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Medical 3D Printers

Find in our medical range 2 big groups and several accessories for printing soft materials in all circumstances and for different uses (food, cosmetics or medical):


The COSMED printers are standard 3D printers for the printing of  soft materials such as food, waxes, glues, silicones … They are generally used in the agri-food, cosmetics or medical fields. From 1 to 4 heated syringes.

Special machines

As a designer and manufacturer, we know our products perfectly well and can adapt them to your needs. If you are looking for a custom 3D printer, check here some examples of our custom made 3D printers or send us directly your specifications, we will find a tailored 3D solution for your project.

Nucleus Pneumatic Extruder

The Nucleus pneumatic extruder is an autonomous system to connect to an existing machine for soft materials printing and bio-printing.  Thanks to the pneumatic control, the dosage of pasty substances is more precise than with the mechanical system, although less powerful for very viscous materials.

Syringe Mechanical Extrusion

Syringe mechanical extrusion is an autonomous system to use alone or to
add to an existing machine. Its plastic or stainless syringes adapt to different needs to extrude all kinds of soft materials, with high viscosity level, food but not only.

Biocompatible Extruder

A biocompatible filament extruder allows extrusion of certified biocompatible materials by a manufacturer without altering  this characteristic during the  melt and extrusion process. From the spool to the nozzle we guarantee the biocompatibility of materials, made from stainless steel of medical  316L grade with material certificates.